New Born & Infants

Newborn portraits

This is an amazing session and on the way home from the hospital is perfect. This session is centered on the new baby and a once in a lifetime opportunity. This session should be done within 2 weeks of birth.

The First Year

The Ages and Stages of an infants life are one of the true wonders in the world. From the total dependence of a newborn with mom and dad, the first smiles, fingers and toes of the 3 month old, the 6-7 month old sitting for the first time and getting a good look at the world. The 1st birthday images, may be with a cake or favorite book and is the perfect time for a classic portrait that will be part of your home and families history for generations to come. The first year is filled with wonder.

Our exclusive Ages and Stages baby plan will cover all 4 of these important stages and at the end of the year you will receive a custom panel with 1 image from each session. All this is included in our $150 plan fee.

Individual infant sessions are available with a $50 session fee.

Once a child leaves baby hood behind the fun really starts. The entire world is open and ready to explore. Everything is new and possible, we will work with you to create a permanent record of this part of your child’s life. Children grow and change so quickly, you think you will always remember and you will with a quality portrait by Marie Martineau.

Call today to schedule your custom photo session. (360) 456-6443 we work by appointment only so call early to insure the date you would like.