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Mepilex Sacrum Taille – A Comparison

This review covers everything consisting of the pros and cons so you can feel confident your choice is a good one.

Sale# 1
Dimora 10 Pack Wound Dressing Sacrum Foam Bandages Silicone Adhesive Border 7"x7" Waterproof Sacral Pads Absorbent Breathable Bed Sore Pressure Dressing
  • TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE WOUND LESS PAIN - Absorbs 15 times of wound fluid thanks to our 5 layers material self-adherent dressings. It maintains a healthy moisture environment, creates a barrier from the outside, take good care of the wound
  • GENTLE BUT SECURE ADHESION - We adopts an A+ medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone as a wound contact layer, it absorbs dead tissue cells, won't stick to the moist wound, while is sticky enough to stick to dry skin, minimize pain and trauma at dressings change
  • BARRIER AGAINST WOUND POLLUTION- Semi-permeable PU film layer is waterproof and breathable, which provides a liquid barrier while allowing the passage of oxygen and water vapor, prevents wound contamination
  • MAKE LIFE EASIER - The foam dressing with a thick foam core layer maximize the absorbent to 15 times, provide cushion; SAF layer to lock the fluids avoid maceration; Nonwoven layer disperses exudate, more absorbent than traditional bandage gauze, no need to change frequently
  • MULTI-USE WOUND CARE PRODUCTS- Border 7""x7"" is fit for wounds within 5.5""x4.9""(foam pad size), useful for moderately to high exudating wounds, such as sacrum bedsore wounds(Stage 1-4), surgical incisions, pressure ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, arterial ulcers, skin tears, burns. Used in hospitals, senior care homes, hospices, and other medical facilities
# 2
FRESINIDER 7"x7" (Pack of 10) Wound Silicone Sacral Foam Dressing Sacrum Foam Adhesive with Border - Waterproof Absorbent Breathable Bed Sore Pressure Pads
  • 5-Layer Healing Technology: Featuring an innovative 5-layer design, our dressings can absorb up to 15 times their weight in wound exudate. The structure efficiently maintains a moist healing environment, reduces the risk of contamination, and provides effective protection from external pressures, ensuring the wound is well taken care of.
  • Silicone Adhesion & Painless Removal: Our dressings employ medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone as a wound contact layer. It's designed to stay adherent to dry skin but won't stick to moist wounds. This ensures gentle, painless removal, minimizes trauma during dressing changes, and absorbs dead tissue cells for an uninterrupted healing process.
  • Breathable Protective Barrier: With its semi-permeable PU film layer, our dressing strikes a balance between protection and breathability. It acts as a waterproof barrier against external contaminants, while allowing vital oxygen and water vapor exchange, ensuring a sterile wound environment.
  • Superior Absorbency & Wear: Our dressing's thick foam core enhances absorbency, ensuring longer intervals between dressing changes. Coupled with an SAF layer to lock in fluids and a nonwoven layer for efficient exudate dispersion, it offers superior performance compared to traditional gauze bandages.
  • Versatile Wound Solution: Perfectly sized at 7"x7", our dressings cater to wounds up to 5.5"x4.9". They're adept at handling a range of conditions, notably sacrum bedsore wounds (Stages 1-4), as well as surgical incisions, pressure ulcers, and more. Widely trusted in hospitals, senior care homes, and other healthcare settings.
# 3
MedVance TM Silicone - Sacral Bordered Silicone Adhesive Foam Wound Dressing, Bed Sore Treatment Bandage for Sacrum, Size 7"x 7", Box of 10 dressings
  • PROMOTES HEALING: MedVance bordered silicone dressings offer effective absorbency, are comfortable to use and provide the optimal environment to promote healing. The self adhesive multilayer structure helps create an optimum healing environment by keeping the wound moist and preventing contamination/activity.
  • EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE: Soft silicone adhesive acts as a wound contact layer that does not stick to the wound bed but stays intact to the skin thus prevents secondary damage and minimizes pain during dressing removal and change
  • SEMI-PERMEABLE: Semi–permeable PU film acts a liquid barrier while allows the passage of oxygen and water vapor. The multilayer structure works together to create a high absorbent yet breathable surface keeping the wound moist and sterile.
  • STERILE AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each dressing is manufactured in a sterile facility and are individually wrapped to prevent contamination of wounds. Can be used in hospitals, senior care homes, hospice, and other medical facilities.
  • MULTI-USE: Effective for applications such as post-operative wounds, bed sores, cysts, pressure ulcers, burns, and other minor traumas. Approved for Level II of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). Use code A6212 for billing/claims.
# 4
Carbou Silicone Sacrum Foam Dressing, 9''x9''(23cm x23cm) Bordered Silicone Adhesive Sacral Foam Dressing,Silicone Wound Care Products,Box of 5 Dressings
  • 【Improve Healing】- Carbou sacral foam dressing dedicated for sacrum area ulcer. With adhesive border, the sacrum silicone foam dressing is soft and hypoallergenic, and the adhesive foam dressing is ultra absorbent, mataining the moist wound environment, thus speeding up the healing process.
  • 【Easy to Use and Remove】- The bottom border is bigger, so that the hypoallergenic silicone contact layer fits the sacrum wound well and does not stick to the wound, without curling, the unqiue border design prevent secondary damage and reduce pain during wound dressing removal and change.
  • 【Breathable and Waterproof】- Semi-permeable PU film acts as a liquid barrier. The inner side locks the exudate absorbed inside the dressing, and the outer side is waterproof while allowing oxygen and water vapor to pass through.
  • 【Multiple-layer Absorbent Structure】- Highly absorbent polyurethane foam absorbs and locks a large amount of wound exudate by forming gel to reduce the risk of skin maceration. The high-strength liquid absorption capacity can ensure the service life of each piece of sacral foam dressing and reduce the frequency of dressing changes.
  • 【Wide Range of Uses】- Suitable for post-operative wounds, bedsores, cysts, pressure sores, burns, leg venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, trauma, I-II degree burns, and other minor trauma. Each piece of dressing adopts individual aseptic packaging, which is convenient to use and store.
# 5
Sacrum Silicone Foam Dressing with Gentle Border for Sacral Ulcer, Pressure Ulcer, Butt Bed Sore, Size 7''x7''(4.9''x5.3''Pad) 5 Pack, High Absorbency Silicone Adhesive Wound Bandage by NeuHeils
  • ✅Soft, comfortable, high absorbent foam pad, lock the wound exudate, reduce skin maceration risk, provide cushion and redistribute pressure.
  • ✅Gentle silicone contact layer minisezes trauma and pain during dressing change but allow the dressing to be repositioned, which is special design for sensitive, fragile & old skin.
  • ✅Special shape to fit the sacral area ulcer care, effectively absorb and retain wound exudate but keep the wound sufficient moist environment.
  • ✅As an all-in-one sacrum foam dressing on shallow wounds or a cover dressing for deeper wounds, idea for moderate to heavey exudate sacral pressure ulcer.
  • ✅Relieve pain and suffering, enable to move easily, add comfort and enhanced healing. Not made with natural rubber latex.
# 6
EVERLIT Sacrum Silicone Foam Dressing with Adhesive Border | Gentle, Highly Absorbent, Breathable Waterproof Sacral Bandage Pad for Bed Sore, Pressure Ulcer Wound Dressing (7" x 7" (10 Pack))
  • ✅ONE-STEP SKIN PROTECTION – The Everlit Care Sacrum Foam Dressings are designed to promote healing, treat and prevent ulcer, reduce pain and scarring by maintaining a moisture-balanced, sterile environment for moderately exudating wounds, including sacrum bedsore wound, surgical incisions, pressure ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, leg ulcers, arterial ulcers, skin tears, burns and more.
  • ✅PROFESSIONAL WOUND CARE – 5 layers of premium quality material - Silicone layer provides secure but gentle adhesion. Super absorbent layer absorbs and retains exudate. Non-woven spreading layer maximizes retention. Foam layer absorbs excess moisture. Highly breathable film manages temperature and forms a waterproof barrier to seal out germs and dirt.
  • ✅HIGHLY ABSORBENT, CUSHION AND PROTECT– The Sacrum Foam Dressings effectively manage temperature and humidity to promote healing. The multi-layer center core cushions and protects wound site, absorbs excess drainage and exudate, while allowing skin to breathe, thus reduce maceration around the wound edges.
  • ✅GENTLE, EFFECTIVE, EASY APPLICATION- The hypoallergenic, latex-free foam dressing features sensitive skin-friendly adhesive borders that seals on all sides around the wound for maximum protection. The wound dressing serves as a cushion to protect skin without sticking to wound.
  • ✅STERILE PRODUCTION AND PACKAGING – All Everlit Care wound dressings are produced under aseptic conditions. Each island dressing is individually wrapped to keep dressings free from infection and external contamination.
# 7
POLYNEW Sacrum Silicone Foam Sacral Pad with Adhesive Border 7.2"x7.2", 6 Individual Package for Large Wound Care, Bedsore, Pressure Sore
  • [Protect skin] & [Accelerate healing] Polynew’s silicone foam dressing is soft and flexible. It can protect the skin around the wound well and keep the wound moist to accelerate the healing of it.
  • [Highly absorbent] & [Five layers] Silicone foam dressing has five layers, including top PU film, super absorbent pad, non-woven pad, foam pad, silicone pad. It can absorb more than ten times.
  • [Comfortable and painless remove] Pain is inevitable in wound healing and care. However, the softness and absorption properties of large silicone foam dressing sacral pad significantly reduce the pain.
  • [Cleanroom Workshop] & [Individual Package] Polynew silicone foam dressing sacral pad is produced in a cleanroom workshop, the size of the dressing is 7.2”x7.2”(18cm x 18cm), containing 6 pieces of silicone foam dressings in a box and each piece are packaged independently to prevent pollution form the external environment.
  • [APPLICATIONS] Polynew silicone foam dressing sacral pad is suitable for mild to moderate exudate wounds, such as Ulcers, Bedsore, Burns,Skin abrasions.
# 8
Sacral Dressing 10 Per Box Ultra-Absorbent Silicone Foam with Adhesive Border and Flaps 9.1" x 10.2" Sterile by Areza Medical
  • Each Box Contains 10 Individually Packaged Sterile Dressings.
  • Additive absorption, extra comfort, enhanced adhesive borders and lower flaps for better placement.
  • Only adhesive to dry peri-wound skin, non-adherent to moist wound.
  • WATERPROOF - water does not pass from the exterior to the wound. However, water may still enter through the sides and it is NOT submergible nor ideal for showers or swimming. For best results, change if wet.
  • FURTHER INFORMATION: Product Brochure, Instruction for Use, and Safety Data Sheet are on this page under “Product guides and documents” section.
Sale# 9
Mepilex Ag - 4" x 4" (10 x 10cm) - Box of 5
  • Highly absorbent foam dressing
  • Effective sustained release of silver
  • Absorbs exudate effectively

Why Should You Shop Online?

If you have actually ever looked for product examines online, you need to have noticed a pattern. A lot of on-line stores appear on the initial couple of web pages. You must have asked this to yourself – why do people trust online shops this much?

Mepilex Sacrum Taille

The factor is basic – it makes your purchasing smooth and safe. If you want to purchase Mepilex Sacrum Taille, it’s just a matter of minutes, simply click around a couple of times as well as you’ve bought it.

One more large factor is versatility – you can buy it on the go, anywhere as well as anytime. It doesn’t even matter if it’s 3 AM at the midnight, you can still purchase what you desire.

You can additionally discover loads of various items provided by the same online shop or brands. Because the marketplaces are competitive, the brands are wanting to create more worth for cheap. Consequently, you will obtain high-grade products at irresistible prices.

There’s a lot to like about shopping online, who doesn’t love quality things that can be bought for inexpensive?

This Is What You Need to Consider Before Buying

Are you looking for Mepilex Sacrum Taille? Prior to you go ahead as well as buy, you must comply with the adhering to checklist:

  • Is Mepilex Sacrum Taille worth the money?
  • Does it supply any certain advantages over the competition?
  • Does the product have innovative attributes?
  • Does it include a guarantee?
  • Are there any type of disadvantages that you should recognize?
  • Where you can discover a few of the best Mepilex Sacrum Taille?

Study takes you far and also it’s certainly a great idea to look into evaluations to get a better understanding of the item.

Mepilex Sacrum Taille – Pros & Cons

There are hundreds of benefits of on-line buying. Here are a number of reasons why you need to acquire Mepilex Sacrum Taille, some advantages in no certain order:


You will discover great rates for Mepilex Sacrum Taille. Since there is no intermediary entailed, you will locate good deals. It’s not unusual to find massive discounts even on the very popular items.

The systems have a number of producers and also dealerships as well as the setting is very competitive. More competition implies much better rates for you.


You can contrast the rates, take a look at reviews, consider ratings and after that acquire the product that you like best. Most products come with a return plan.


Since there are hundreds otherwise hundreds of going crazy customers for an item, it’s certainly trustworthy. You can proceed with the choice in a jiffy.


You are never married to an item. There are thousands of brands online and also because there is a lot of competition, you will locate some deal deals. You can always choose the brand names you like.

Mepilex Sacrum Taille – Wrapping It Up

That brings us throughout of this short article concerning our top Mepilex Sacrum Taille picks. We hope this buying guide aids make your purchase decision much easier. You can constantly look around the store and locate something that you such as extra.

Additionally, your shopping is safe considering that a lot of items supply a return policy. What are you waiting for?

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